EEEK! It is here!!

In case you missed me burning up the Internet on Friday to talk about this, here is my debut episode of “Hungry In: Austin.” I am ecstatic about the way it turned out, and hope you like it too!

In this episode, we visit some of my favorite eateries and chefs on South Lamar, such as Barley Swine, where pastry chef Kyle McKinney in all of his mohawked glory fries up some Hefeweizen donuts for me. He has a sushi background, and layers distinct, wild flavors, like banana / whiskey marshmallow / smoked pork ice cream (!) / fermented chilis to create these bold, weirdly delicious desserts. The end result is surprisingly banana-y and savory, and while you do get to see me react to them in this episode, what you don’t see is me off-camera, moaning in such contented bliss that it sounds inappropriate.

I am so excited to show you guys more! My next episode comes out Friday, November 9, and in that one, I eat my way through a neighborhood very close to my heart. Can you guess which one it is?

You can watch my “Hungry In” co-hosts in New York, LA, and San Francisco every Friday on The Hungry Channel! In the meantime, check out this other cool Hungry show that debuted today: New York Magazine‘s “Eat Cheap.” Oh New York, you just can’t stop seducing me, can you?

  • Mary


    Love LOVE it, girl! So freakin’ proud of you!!!!!!

    • Tolly Moseley

      Thanks so much, Mary!

  • Laura

    Tolly, this was great… and yummy! Can’t wait to see more!

    • Tolly Moseley

      Yay! Thank you, Laura!! We are definitely doing more — my next one comes out Nov. 9. :-D

  • Jenni

    I really enjoyed that, Tolly. Can’t believe I haven’t been to any of those places yet!! Must remedy that SOON.

    • Tolly Moseley

      Yay! I’m so happy, Miss Jenni! And yeah — all 3 of those places are new and excellent. Next episode we visit some more “classic” Austin spots. ;)

  • metropochris

    Yay! Been waiting to finally watch this. Turned out so great and all that food…OMG! I totally just want to rummage around the fridges at Barley Swine.

    • Tolly Moseley

      They really are super creative (and seasonal) at Barley Swine, Chris — we also taped this beautiful dish that Bryce created for us that I wish you got to see! Ah well. Thanks for the sweet feedback!