Forgive me, Reader.

I’ve been having a rough go of it for the past week or so, tucking myself away at home during these damp, gray days.

Each night, I have every intention of starting on a wonderful little blog post that will arrive, sparkly and new, at 6:00am Central Time on the Internet, timed for maximum traffic and online exposure, timed to get the most people talking and thinking before they begin their work days, timed to not cut into my own work day. I’ve been sick, but to be honest with you, I’ve also been dealing with some stuff that is too personal to talk about on the Internet.

Two nights ago, at 5:45 in the morning, I rose up out of bed and padded to the kitchen in my slippers, listening to the nighttime sounds of our tiny little house. The sighs of our heater. The raindrops snapping on our doorframe. My cat breathing in and out on her favorite chair.

I wrapped myself in a blanket on the couch, and laid there for a little while. Eventually, Ross got up too, and came to find me, blinking in the blue early morning. “Hey,” he said. “You OK?”

“I’m OK,” I said. I was lying. My eyes got hot, and he sat down next to me, putting his arms around me and stroking my hair.

Lately, I’ve come to realize that there is no one, single, ideal emotion, but rather the delicate tension between all emotions that make life a joy. No happiness without sorrow, no satisfaction without hunger, and all of that.

So I’ve been meaning to tell you about Shakey Graves for the past few days. Shakey Graves is one person, a very talented man here in Austin. He is the son of friends of ours, and there is actually a pretty funny story that goes along with our meeting on New Year’s Day, a little over a week ago. I’ll tell that story to you sometime, but for now, let me just say this:

His music is everything I want right now, holding that emotional tension in place. It’s sexy and it’s sad and it’s funny and it’s dark and it’s light and it’s corny and it’s profound. I’ve been listening to it when I need to lie in bed, and I’ve been listening to it when I’m driving and need a happy little kick. I think a music writer would call his music “lo-fi alt folk with blues influences,” so you can know what you’re getting into here.

Just promise me this, that you’ll listen to his version of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire,” and then listen to “Built to Roam.” Cool? Cool.

Also. If you’re in Austin, it may interest you to know that he’s playing at The Parish every Wednesday this month for free. Shall we?

Shakey Graves by Tolly Moseley on Grooveshark

  • Matt McGinnis

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing it.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Hope you dig it as much as I do, friend!

  • http://www.amyrenepowell.blogspot.com/ Amy

    I’m halfway through an album right at this moment, but then I’ll take a listen. I’ve been really wanting to invest some time in Austin locals.

    and during this weather we’re having right now, tucking yourself away is totally understandable. <3

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      …And tell me what you think of it when you do get that listen in, Miss Amy.

      I alternate between relishing drizzly, mushy days, and feeling suffocated by them. It’s all about the beautiful tension.

  • http://twitter.com/kjsouthernbelle Katie

    Completely understand if you hibernate for a bit. Too many gray days in a row get to me too. While I realize we need the rain, is it too much to ask for sun while raining? Hope things perk up soon!

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      I know, it’s so funny Katie…gray days make me more lethargic and homebody-ish, but I find them oddly comforting, too?

      At this point in time though, yes, I need a shot of vitamin D through the arm or through the eyes. Until the sunshine comes, coffee is my best friend.

  • Brad Knapp

    Love Shakey Graves. Proper Fence is a hell of song.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Right, Brad? Part of me wants him to become hugely famous, so other people can experience this magical, funny little album — while the more selfish part of me wants him to remain underground, a special secret for people like you and me.

  • http://twitter.com/onesmartpoptart Amy Lynch

    “…but rather the delicate tension between all emotions that make life a joy.” Damn, child. Nailed it.

    Hope whatever’s tugging at you finds a resolution soon. If/when you feel like untucking for a few, let’s get a coffee, yes?

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley


      So much yes.

      Email me, Amy! Let’s set up this coffee for sooner rather than later. I’ve got time Sunday morning, if you do too?

  • http://www.spangledparaphernalia.com/ Chelle Lynn

    How is it you give me quirky new music just when I needed it? I feel like I’m the only one completely enjoying these last few grey days. Of course, one of them I spent at a funeral for someone who was very dear to me, so there was something melancholy and appropriate about the weather. I almost would have felt insulted if the sun had dared to shine.

    “…there is no one, single, ideal emotion, but rather the delicate tension between all emotions that make life a joy,” indeed.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      I’ve always loved, LOVED gray days. More brooding, more cozy, more giving-one-license-to-stay-home-and-read.

      But! But. I wouldn’t adore them so much without those glaring sunny days. There’s one today, so I’m actually going to leave the house and go enjoy it. :) Let me know next time you’re in ATX, mama.

      • http://www.spangledparaphernalia.com/ Chelle Lynn

        You are absolutely right! As much as I love the rain, I’m not sure how I’d do in a drizzly climate like Seattle.

        I think I’ll be in Austin next month! Let you know closer to. :)

        • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

          YAY! There’s an adorable cafe that just opened up near my house that we should go try…

  • http://twitter.com/misslonetta Jess Lonett

    since you asked so nicely, i listened to the tracks you suggested and then the rest of them. i am very glad i didn’t break this promise.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Jess! Huzzah. Isn’t “I’m On Fire” just…like…WHOA.

      I’ve had it on repeat for oh, I don’t know, a week? It’s getting embarrassing.

  • NYLON Lifestyle

    I’m listening :) Very cool