Zou Bisou Bisou!

You guys — it’s time to come clean about something.

Ok, so, in the midst of all this yoga and silks and soul-searching blahbity blah, I’ve been hiding a secret:

I love TV.

Trashy, soapy, glorious TV!

I love the club you join when you become a fan of a show. I love reading TV show recaps (shout-out to Vulture, the best). I love rooting for character underdogs, even with full knowledge that these are FICTIONAL people.

Funnily enough, we don’t own an actual TV. We watch all “television” on our (apparently very outdated) Macs, and plug a wire into them MacGyver-style to make the sound come out of our speakers. It’s an arrangement that fits our in-between generational status, you see: Not quite Gen X and not quite Millenials, Ross and I are comfortable consuming culture through our computers, sort of, but still want said culture to be as (jankily) Surround Sound-ified as possible.

Anyway, here are the TV shows I watch:

–Mad Men,

–Downton Abbey,


–New Girl,



–Freaks & Geeks (back episodes on Netflix),

–Frasier (please don’t judge me),

–And the occasional dip into True Blood, a show I don’t actually care about all that much, but my best friends love it and I love my best friends so we all watch it together when it’s on and I try my darndest to keep the vampires/werewolfs/shifters/vampire governmental committee? straight.

Ross is much more of a nature documentary watcher than I am, and I can get into it every so often. Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom for example, which is literally about wolverines — some of the cutest animals in the world. They’re like little baby bears. I had no idea! This is what I thought wolverines looked like.

But Ross has more TV restraint than I do, so I have to geek out with my friend Omar to get my discussion fix. Omar used to write for Television Without Pity, so you can understand why this is such an advantageous (for me) relationship.

So I’m curious. What TV shows do you guys watch? I’ve often thought about doing regular recaps here on the blog for, like, Downton Abbey or something*, but I’m so bad at keeping up with regular anything posts on AE that I don’t know. Also, the best recap fodder has to be sufficiently soapy and ridiculous, I’ve decided. Girls is a great show and all but difficult to make fun of, because it’s already so self-aware and witty. Nashville, however? OH. So good. I could write a master’s thesis on Scarlett’s over-the-top Southern accent.

*Date of note: Mad Men season 6 premieres on April 7, mah birthday! 

  • http://twitter.com/misslonetta Jess Lonett

    i love girls, new girl, and mad men out of the shows you mentioned! my other favorites are parks and recreation, 30 rock, the mindy project, and how i met your mother. basically i love shows that feature really rad and hilarious ladies in lead roles. i just re-watched all of dawson’s creek on netflix and then decided to cancel my netflix account for a bit in fear of becoming addicted to re-watching another show like buffy the vampire slayer. ;-)

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Good for you for exercising restraint, girl! Buffy is such a cult fave that I’m a little sad I never got into it. Something about me is immune to vampires — I tried with Twilight too, and it just didn’t take. (The Real Housewives of Anything, though? Crack.)

      How is The Mindy Project? I keep hearing it’s delightful and just haven’t devoted the time to get into it yet.

      • http://twitter.com/misslonetta Jess Lonett

        the mindy project is really great and each episode keeps getting better. you have to make it past the first 3-ish episodes before it comes into it’s own, like most new tv shows!

  • Mandy

    I must have watched that song and dance on Mad Men about 40 times. I love it!
    I’ve been watching, Downton Abbey, the Office, Parks and Rec, SNL, the Simpsons, Face Off. I was so sad to see Gossip Girl go. My new favorite, that I highly recommend everyone check out, is Total Blackout on SyFy. I thought it was going to be another Fear Factor but it’s soooo funny! I almost die every time I see it.

    No judgement on Frasier. That was a GREAT show.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Yes it WAS a great show. Ross and I cackle when we watch it – laugh track and all!

      And I confess Mandy, I totally got into Gossip Girl back in the day…um. Chuck Bass. Still kind of in love with that character.

  • Robert March

    how i met your mother and big bang theory on cbs. parks and recreation, the office, COMMUNITY, 30 rock on nbc. new girl, the mindy project and fringe on fox. nothing on abc, really. homeland and dexter on showtime. GAME OF THRONES, boardwalk empire, girls on hbo. the americans (brand new show about russian spies in america in the 80s, and it’s fantastic), JUSTIFIED, it’s always sunny in philadelphia, LOUIE, the league, archer on fx. south park, kroll show, key and peele on comedy central. mad men and BREAKING BAD on amc. and a bunch a bunch of other stuff still in rotation like battlestar galactica, the sopranos, six feet under, party down, pushing daisies, cheers, also FRASIER!, better off ted, arrested development and scrubs. so many more…bob-o likes teevee.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Oh Bob-o I’ve heard The Americans is totally awesome. And, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia!! YES. I don’t watch that one serially, but I DO watch it when I just need to laugh for a solid half hour.

      Six Feet Under – my heart seizes when I think of that show. The very last episode?? Best. Finale. Of all time. Full stop.

  • http://www.spangledparaphernalia.com/ Chelle Lynn

    I am super guilty about my tv love, too. How can we help it!? Television has really come into its own the past decade. Production values and talent consistently match, if not exceed, those on the big screen. And, it all started with Lost, the target of my most complicated love/hate feelings of all time.

    I usually prefer comedy (drama brings me down, man), but I have weirdly gotten really into House of Cards lately.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Chelle, you are so right as usual! Production values, talent — and all the good writers are headed to TV now too, it seems.

      House of Cards -yow! It’s a perfect example of the points you make. David Fincher? Hello. I like how he used Rooney Mara’s sister in the show… he loooooves those Mara girls.

  • http://www.artofguesture.com/ layla guest

    Ah! I don’t have a T.V. either and I still manage to watch an exorbitant amount of television! “Girls” is 100% my favorite and more recently, “Game of Thrones.” I can lose hours and hours and days and weekends to my laptop and wired-up speaker system because sometimes I have too many episodes at my fingertips. I must learn to show restraint every now and then because after four episodes of “Homeland” I don’t even bat an eyelash to gruesome flesh wounds, machine gun battles and mass bombings. Ugh, I’m a T.V. Zombie…

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      Ok, Layla, can we talk about Homeland? HOLY F-K. Have you watched the finale of season 2 yet?

      • http://www.artofguesture.com/ layla guest

        OhMyGodIKnow! I lost an entire weekend to the second season… like, horizontal all weekend in order to watch it.

  • Mara Elizabeth

    I just binged on three episodes of House of Cards last night. On my iPad. In my bed. There might have been some snacks involved.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      This made me snort, Mara. ;)

  • Breanna

    Mad Men. The Walking Dead. Downton Abbey. Breaking Bad. The Big Bang Theory. Friends reruns. Parks and Rec. Doctor Who. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV (I think it’s becoming an unhealthy obsession). Sometimes I catch Scrubs and 30 Rock in syndication. I just re-watched Freaks & Geeks (because I own it on DVD). Roseanne – ZOMG, how AWESOME was/is that show? And girrrrrl, ain’t no shame in some late-nite Frasier.

    • http://www.austineavesdropper.com Tolly Moseley

      FREAKS & GEEKS, preach sister friend. Hey, is Doctor Who awesome? I’m thinking I don’t need anymore TV shows but I keep hearing it’s rad…and you and I have similar TV tastes, m’dear.

      • Breanna

        OK. SO. Doctor Who. I am in love with this show. HOWEVER I get that it’s not for everyone. If you’re an Anglophile (which I know you are) who’s a little into dorky Sci-Fi/Fantasy (which you might be), I would recommend watching it. It can get a little…odd. Some episodes you just have to push through. The earlier seasons have lower production value, but I find it so endearingly British. But when this show is good it’s SO. GOOD. Plus, David Tennant…oh, my dear, if you haven’t fallen in love with David Tennant yet now is the time.

  • http://profiles.google.com/vilmachristine christine rojas

    I pride myself on watching the most superb television out
    there (game of thrones, breaking bad, homeland, the walking dead, mad men,
    downton abbey, girls). But I too have a few guilty pleasures… (how I met your
    mother, new girl, mindy project, the voice) Geez… I sound like a TV freak!! Thank
    you world for DVR and commercial-free Netflix!

    ps. I love Fraiser. Ever since I was 12 haha